Luxury Dog Boarding to give your dog a 'home from home' experience.

The very best of care for your pet.

Eight acres of immaculate paddocks and grounds for free exercise.

Indoor and garden rooms, both of which are luxurious inside.

Kind regards

Nick, Vic and Jo

We are licensed and registered with West Northamptonshire Council and rated at 5 stars *****

License Number: LN/201100016

20. Aug, 2021

Details of a price increase for 2022 are now available

13. Dec, 2019

Details of a price increase (done with heavy heart) for 2020 are now available

29. Jan, 2019

We are officially 5* luxury!

New government legislation means there is a new rating system for all boarding facilities. We are delighted to have been awarded the top 5* rating!
It's a great testament to the hard work our elves do on a daily basis to make this a wonderful home from home for our guests.

22. Sep, 2018

Details of a small price increase for 2019 are now available. We're still finalising 2019 closure dates but these will be minimal and primarily in November.

22. Mar, 2017

We all understand that sometimes life gets in the way of plans and we always try to be as accommodating as possible. That said, we are only a small business and cancellations can have a huge impact on our success. As such, we have implemented a new policy on cancellations which can be found in our Terms & Conditions. We hope you understand!

12. Oct, 2016

Please see our News page for details!

23. Jan, 2016

We're delighted to announce that we have now installed 5 beautiful new far infra-red heatpanels in the inside rooms. Pictures can be found on our Facebook page and on our Indoor Rooms page (click the link!)

23. Jan, 2016

Phone problems fixed!

Our standard contact numbers are now in use again, hurrah!

19. Jan, 2016

Phone problems again!

We're sorry to say that being rural has it's drawbacks and we are currently without a telephone line. If you need to contact us please call 07813 886804, or email

6. May, 2015

We have planned our closure dates for next year, please click the link for details.

17. Apr, 2015

Please see the News page for full details. As of 01/05/2015 we will be obliged to charge 20% VAT on all bookings

2. Feb, 2015

(and about time too!)

23. Jan, 2015

We have a new rogues gallery started this year. For previous years' pictures please click the archive links at the top of the gallery!

Nov. 1, 2014

We are going to take as many videos of our guests having fun as we can!

Oct. 3, 2014

Please see the Grooming Services section for details

Aug. 30, 2014

In order to help our guests plan their holidays we are posting advance notice of our 2015 closures. We are taking a lot of bookings for the peak seasons already so please book early to avoid disappointment! Please see the 'News' page for details.

Jan. 26, 2014

New Telephone Number

Now that Nick and Vic are living onsite we have changed the phone number so that Jo can have some peace ;-)
The new number is 01327 310770

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